About Our Men's Esthetic Salon

Our salon offers massages by beautiful Japanese ladies. But it is not just massage. They wear beautiful outfits. Kimono, uniform, can choose your favorite costume. Massage is performed on all parts of the body, from the feet to the groin, from the waist to the neck, using shiatsu massage and oil massage. The most popular massage is the groin massage. By treating the groin area with oil, a high relaxation effect can be expected. The massage is performed using not only the hands but also the entire body, including the feet and thighs, while lying down with the customer. You may feel a little thrilled as the massage is performed in close body-to-body contact. You will experience an extraordinary relaxing space where you can fully heal your mind and body.

Treatment fee

It will be the full option amount of admission fee, costume, groin massage.

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Terms of Service

Our salon is a relaxation salon for the purpose of aesthetic and healing.
We are not a treatment facility (acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu, anma, massage) or a medical facility (hospital, clinic, or medical treatment center) as specified by the Medical Care Act.
We prohibit the persons listed below from coming to our salon or engaging in any of the following activities in order to ensure that our customers can use our services comfortably.


ATTENTION Please wear the designated paper pants during the treatment.
Please refrain from using our salon if you have a possible infectious disease.
For the safety of our estheticians, we refuse massages to those who may have contagious or infectious diseases, even if there is no direct treatment to the affected area.
The techniques performed at our store are completely different from the medical procedures performed by national licensed (acupuncture, moxibustion, shiatsu, anma, massage) therapists.
We refuse requests for intensive treatment of one part of the body for an excessive amount of time.
We cannot be responsible for any skin problems caused by the use of oils, powders, whips, etc. during the treatment.
Please take care of your valuables (wallets, cell phones, etc.) by yourself in the salon.
We are not a medical clinic, medical treatment center, or other treatment center as defined by the Medical Care Act.
We are a relaxation esthetic salon that provides healing and rest.
Sexual acts such as demanding sexual services, masturbation, and touching the therapist are prohibited.
Our salon is not a sexual service store. We strictly prohibit visits for such purposes, as well as any behavior or words or actions that the therapist would find objectionable.
If you cancel on the day of your visit, you will be charged the full amount of the reserved course fee as a cancellation fee.

Prohibited matter

  • 風俗店ではございません。性的サービスの要求、自慰行為、セラピストへの接触行為等のセクシャル行為
  • Our store is not a sexual service store. Sexual acts such as demanding sexual services, masturbation, touching the therapist, etc.
  • Persons who are recognized as gang members or members of antisocial groups
  • Persons under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Persons with athlete's foot, gout, or skin diseases
  • Persons who are in a state of drunkenness
  • Intentional cancellation of appointments

If any of the above-mentioned or prohibited acts are found after the start of the treatment, we will immediately stop the service.
In such cases, we will not refund the fee. We also prohibit the use of our store afterwards as well.

To ensure that our therapists can provide you with the best service, please follow the rules and enjoy our quality service in a comfortable environment.

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